Jun 9, 2007

the post I did not want to write

I just got home from seeing Kavinsky at Studio B. You might want to note that it is 3:37 am. You also might want to note that he did not go on until 2:20ish. I was only there for just over an hour. I can't tell you how many times I thought of leaving before I actually did.

I am still not entirely sure what happened. First, let me get a few things out there:

1. I absolutely love nothing more than getting out there any night of the week and getting down.

2. I think I love the majority of people on Ed Banger Records at this point.

3. Why is it then, that this evening when Kavinsky spun some of his own great tunes, along with a lot of the Ed Banger catalog, I was not thrilled? I have NO idea. Theoretically I should have been dancing my ass off, and at times, I was, but for the most part...that wasn't the case.

Early on he played D.A.N.C.E. and obviously everyone went completely ape on that...he played some other Justice, Daft Punk, Mr. Oizo...and all of this was good, but overall, something was just missing. I liked soooo much of what he had chosen to put on, but something was stopping me from moving. Nothing seemed to hold it all together...there would be these gaps where I was kind of bored, then he would play a good Ed Banger track, that would make me stay that much longer...but for the most part I was just "eh" about the whole thing, wanting to leave, but feeling like I had to stay just in case he dropped something awesome.

I had been looking forward to this show all week...and something was just missing. I am kind of upset just because it was a bit of a letdown, but in a way it validated a lot of what I thought about DJ-ing...lots of times when I talk to people who aren't really into dance music about DJ-ing they don't really get it. Aren't you just playing someone else's music?

Yes and no. I always think you can give two people the same 10 tracks to play...one can make them sound like shit and one can make them sound like the most amazing thing you ever heard and that is one of the main things I like about DJ-ing. I am not saying Kavinksy destroyed the Ed Banger catalog...when he played songs I liked I was glad and I got down, but I could not help but think back to all of the really amazing shows I've been to over the past few months- Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, the Ed Banger takeover at Hiro (with Busy P, Justice, Sebastian, and DJ Mehdi) and how amazing they were...how the thought of leaving early never entered my mind at those shows (despite having work the next day in most cases).

I'm going to give Kavinsky the benefit of the doubt...maybe it was just me. I had been out celebrating a friend's bday from about 9:30-12:30 before getting to Brooklyn, which is not the norm. I also have been quite tired this week. I guess the Daft Punk show will be the test...


Anonymous,  4:21 AM  

its not who's on the platters, its your BRAIN CHEMISTRY, BABY

showtrotta 1:50 PM  

To anon:

I think in this case you might be right, but most of the time I think it's both.

ps - are you Eddie? I think you are.

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