Oct 22, 2007

Justice, Busy P, and Midnight Juggernauts at Terminal 5, 10/20/07

Met Eddie at Terminal 5 a little before 8. That place is really out of the way. Just one more block west...We arrived that early because I really wanted to see the Midnight Juggernauts and the CMJ website had them going on at 8. I should've known by now that that meant closer to 9. It was fine though. I caught up with Eddie while Busy P spun a set that seemed a little more mellow than what I'm used to from him, still good though.

Chuck got there a while later and eventually Midnight Juggernauts went on. I have to say I was very disappointed in their performance. I was really looking forward to them - I love their song "Road to Recovery" and have been listening to a bunch of their other stuff lately too. Something about their performance was just not clicking. It was just kind of loud, not as clean sounding as the album. They play as a live band, but after their performance I think more of a dj/digital set-up is the way they should go. It just seems more fitting for their style of music. Eddie had to escape after the first song so I chilled with Charles who went out to smoke after a while. I held down our spot about 3/4 of the way back from the stage and texted my 2 smoking buddies when Midnight Juggernauts announced they were playing their last song.

So the three of us are there...waiting...anticipating. On either side of Justice's main set up in the middle there are these two big things covered with white sheets. Eddie mentions them, thinks they must be crosses. The sheets come off - 2 stacks (9 each!) of Marshall speakers. Ridiculous. I was totally freaked out. I expected it to be a loud show, but then I was just bracing for impact. Thankfully it was loud, but not in a sonic boom, ears ringing for hours afterward way.

As far as Justice's actual performance goes I don't have that much to say. It was like hearing their album on a really good, loud system...and obviously they fucked around with all of the songs, some more than others. Their re-work of D.A.N.C.E. was pretty boss, and their encore of NY Excuse by Soulwax banged! But...I feel like I didn't enjoy the show as much as I could (which makes me really glad that I am going again tonight). First of all...it was super crowded, which I expected. But I was near the dude dancing wildly with no regard for the 2 inches of personal space everyone had. My best efforts to keep him at bay were failing miserably. I must've been making the "good god I am going to kill this dude" face because Eddie graciously motioned for me to switch spots with him and dealt with his overzealous dance moves. Once that happened I started having a much better time.

The one other thing that kind of threw me off at the show was they opened with Genesis - the first track on their album. I really love †, one of the best albums of the year. The only thing I would do differently is scrap the song "The Party". I just really can't stand Uffie for the some reason, that song in particular. Anyway, I think the order of the songs is perfect. So when they opened with Genesis, in my head I was ready to hear Let There Be Light. Obviously I knew they weren't going to play the album straight through in that order, but their starting with Genesis totally threw me off.

Overall it was a good, fun show. I wish I had a little more space to get down. The crowd didn't seem as into it as you would expect (with the exception of the one dude near me), maybe that was why. I think I will have a better time tonight now that I know what it's going to be like.

*Edit* I think my mind is in a fog after CMJ. I totally forgot to mention they played We Are Your Friends which had everyone losing their shit and singing along. It is the best audience participation song EVER!


Dan,  12:42 PM  

Your dealing with an asshole troubles mirror mine. But i just struck back, and enjoyed it as best i could.

showtrotta 12:49 PM  

Yeah...I was trying to just work it out and give it back to him but he was a pretty big dude so it wasn't really working.

Anonymous,  12:19 PM  

Actually,good post. thx

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