Oct 21, 2007

Busy P at the Adidas Originals Store 10/20/07

If you don't know me personally...I have an Adidas obsession. It started innocently - just a pair of kicks -

and then it somehow just went out of control. I'm also obssessed with dance music. Now you can imagine how weird and surreal it was to be looking down at a pair of sneakers in the Adidas Originals store, and then looking up to find Busy P standing right next to me doing the same thing. My ex used to say I was like a tourist in my own life - that was definitely one of those moments. I even took pictures! Haha...

Pedro spun a tight little set. A lot of hip-hop. Overall it was pretty subdued though. People were shopping. You can't really have some dude blasting bangers while people are trying to buy shoes I guess. I forget how long he played for...I was just looking at all these kicks that were inconveniently all a buck twenty while enjoying the music. Thank goodness I was heading to the Justice show afterward, otherwise I probably would have been doing some impulse buying. More on those other Ed Bangers later...


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