Oct 26, 2007

We Tigers!

I'm not going to be around for most of the weekend, but if I were this is what I would be doing tonight:

We Tigers were recommended to me by my good friend Chuck. He used to manage Hollis Browne, another band I am very fond of. Two of the members of Hollis Browne, Nick Occhiuto (guitar) and Jon Silverman (bass) are in We Tigers so it was semi-inevitable that I would like them.

However, the two bands really sound nothing alike. Hollis Browne have more of a classic rock sound, whereas We Tigers were first described to me by Chuck as "psychedelic grunge". I didn't really know what to make of that...but then I saw them at Luna Lounge about a month ago and they rocked. Some of the songs sound more grungy than others. Some are more psychedelic. And some are in between and sound like nothing I can say I've heard before...except for GOOD. Check them out. I'm partial to the tracks Elbow Room and Why Us. Did I mention they have a sitar player? Not something you see everyday...don't sleep!


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