Oct 24, 2006

I like other bands too, I swear

just none of them are coming to New York anytime soon.

More Damon McMahon dates:
Oct. 30 - Journal Magazine show with Damon McMahon, Psychic Ills, Crystal Stilts, and Mark Bourthwick at Fat Baby . Not sure about the cost yet.

Nov. 1 - New York Night Train showcase featuring: Hopewell, Grand Mal, Damon McMahon, Jealous Girlfriends, Voyager 1 - Rocks in Your Head - FREE (it's in the BK at 133 Roebling between Metropolitan and North 5th Street). Also...there is no mention if this is a free out of the goodness of someone's heart show, or "free" b/c you have a CMJ pass show. I will try to find out more later.

Also...I thought the blog layout was done with last night, but this morning I looked at it with IE and something weird is going on with the template. It looks like complete shit...it's all centered and there is no sidebar. It is just whack. I am hoping it is just some momentary Blogger glitch because all I thought I really changed last night were colors. So yeah...sorry if you are using IE and it looks busted. I will fix it later tonight if it's still like that.


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