Oct 30, 2006


Because of a stupid pork loin and sheer forgetfulness...I am not at the Damon McMahon show at Fat Baby right now. With all the CMJ stuff going on and trying to figure out which shows to go to, I totally forgot about that show tonight. Also, had I not started cooking a pork roast (that was supposed to take 40 minutes to cook, but actually took almost 2 and a half hours...and whether or not it is done is still debatable) I would have been done eating sooner and would have checked the blog in time to get myself down to the LES. I probably still might have been able to make it, but I don't know who was going on first, and if I went through all that trouble and missed Damon's set anyway I would have been even more annoyed than I am now. I actually feel much better now that I have shared all of this nonsense with you.

In less personal crisis related news:

The New York Night Train show I had posted about earlier is a free in-store performance at Rocks in Your Head record store in Brooklyn...I thought Rocks in Your Head was a band when I originally posted that. Oops! Anyway...here are the set times:

4pm - Vogager One
5pm - the Jealous Girlfriends
6pm - Damon McMahon
7pm - Grand Mal
8pm - Hopewell

Also, the CMJ shows that I am actually attending:

10/31 - probably none! Originally I wanted to go to either the showcase at Sin-e or the one at Fontana's, but they are invite/badge only. Sharon Jones is playing Hammerstein but tickets are kind of a lot of dollazz...the other act is Medeski, Martin, and Wood which I have no interest in seeing, so I feel like I am better off waiting for Sharon to play another show. My most solid possibility for tomorrow is to repeatedly check ticketweb in case they release any more tickets for the Cardigans at the Knitting Factory.

11/1 - possibly the showcase at Pianos...still checking out some other options though. Might try to run over to that New York Night Train showcase after work.

11/2 - I am definitely going to R&R to see The Sights. I saw them open for the Caesars at Southpaw 2 years ago. I had listened to some of their stuff beforehand and didn't really like it, but then when I saw them live I was blown away. They really just rock...good, classic, rock and roll. Might head to Hiro afterwards to catch MSTRKRFT or Galapagos to catch them and ATOC.

11/3 - Astralwerks showcase at Canal Room...so excited for this show. The tickets have been bought for weeks.

11/4 - Tim Fite is playing R&R, but I am tempted to just skip it and visit my family for the rest of the weekend since I haven't been home in a while and don't think I'll be able to make it next weekend. Plus his set is only 45 minutes. I've kind of wimped out on the Justice at Studio B plan...though I really love that remix. Wasn't really wild about their other stuff...plus the whole Brooklyn aversion.

Alright...sorry this has been so cracky. I'm exhausted.


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