Dec 28, 2006

Viva Output Records!, Ecstatic Sunshine dates, Sharon Jones w/ the Dap-Kings dates, new Damon McMahon song

When I read that Trevor Jackson's Output Records was done for a few months ago I was rather buggin out b/c well...his shit bangs, but I just discovered that apparently things have been reconsidered and now they're just taking a return at some to my ears! But as if that weren't enough, they are coming out with a double cd/dvd of stuff from Output in March! Yea-yuhh!! Read it (though I pretty much said it all) for your ownself.

Other stuff...dates to be aware of:

2/16 - Ecstatic Sunshine and the Santa Dads at Glasslands. Never made it to their two shows a couple of months ago, so I haven't really determined how much I like em yet.

This next show you don't want to miss:

2/2 - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Maxwell's. This lady and her gents will have you GETTING DOWN! It is delicious soul funk...I first saw her 2 years ago at Southpaw with a friend of mine who was into her. I had never heard her before. I listen to mainly electronic music and rock and I absolutely loved it. You will dance your ass off and be so happy with your own self!

And the last thing...Damon McMahon has been away working on new stuff...and what I assume to be one of the fruits of his time away is up on his myspace. It's called "Amen Dunes". It sounds very different from all of the songs on "Mansions". It's loud, electric. There are drums and he's kind of yelling/singing...kind of reminds me of the way he sings, "I'vvvvveeeeeee had a long day" on Inouk's "Nudie Suit". Only with Amen Dunes there is so much going on and it's so loud that I can't really tell what he's saying. It's an interesting change. Makes me wonder if it's an indicator of what's to come with the rest of his new stuff. We'll see. I think it's good to hear something new.


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