Nov 26, 2006

TK Webb, Laketrout, Camelface


I have recently re-discovered TK Webb. I first saw him at a show at Office Ops on 4th of July called Boswijck...a bunch of other bands played...I only saw him, Zachary Cale, and Damon McMahon before I left to go to a bbq. I made a note to check him out more after that, but just remembered now. He plays nice folksy rock...I predict that listening to him will help me to not play out Damon McMahon's "Mansions" album. He's playing a show at Glasslands's actually his record release party. It's at 9pm on December 3rd.

Also...I am having a whole conflict about the band Lake Trout. I saw them open for Radio 4 a couple of years ago...kind of took note of them. They did not knock my socks off, but they were ok. So I've noticed they will be playing New York soon-ish and figured I'd give them a second listen. I listened to the first two songs on their myspace page and was all ready to rule out going to their show, but then I listened to the third song, "Riddle"...and I kind of liked it and hated it at the same time...because it reminded me of Radiohead's "The Bends", but also Coldplay (which I hate!) I'm still on the fence about going to see them at Mercury Lounge on Dec. 15th.

Then I was checking out another band I forgot about but meant to check out, and I came across this and could not stop laughing.


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