Dec 19, 2006

Electronic Battle Weapon 8 & 9 downloads, Boys Noize on Bentwave

After several failed efforts at finding the Chemical Brothers’ Electronic Battle Weapon 8 and 9 on ebay (I think Erol Alkan and Justin Roberston are the only ones who have promo vinly copies) I managed to stumble upon mp3 versions here.I also highly recommend listening to 6 and 7 if you haven’t heard ‘em yet.

Another thing I happened to stumble upon was Boys Noize sat in on WNYU’s radio show Bentwave last night. I couldn’t hear a lot of it because I was having a battle with a rather large dust bunny colony and their friends the dirty dishes all of whom have taken residence in my apartment. Luckily it has been archived and you can stream it or download it. It’s very nice! It has some Daft Punk to start and his remix of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus later on. Alex also talks a bit about the various projects he’s been up to and some stuff he’s got lined up for next year.


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