Dec 8, 2006

new albums for '07!

From Astralwerks' What is What newsletter:

"In the first half of 07 we are excited to announce a wave of amazing new albums from favorites Air and The Chemical Brothers, Willy Mason, and an astonishing new Sondre Lerche album. "

Music to my ears! A few days ago I found myself wishing the Chems would release a new album. Yea-yuhh!!!

There's no info up on the Astralwerks site about any of the new release yet, except for Sondre's. I think you can stream the new single, "Phantom Punch" there. The new album is supposed have much more of a rock sound. I saw Sondre play a show earlier this year at the Bowery Ballroom. He played a 32 song set, and a lot of it was the new stuff which he went on to record just a few days after the show. I must say they were really good. Still a hint of the good ol' Sondre pop sound, but really much more edgy than his previous stuff. I must go to eat something before heading to the Hollis Browne show.


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