Nov 30, 2006

Inouk @ Pianos show review (11/29/06), Boys Noize news, Radio 4 news

Last night I arrived at Pianos around 8. It was my first time seeing a show there and I really liked it - just a nice, small room in the back. Not a bad spot in the house.

Inouk was supposed to go on at 8:30, but Unlikely Cowboy was just going on when I got things were about a half an hour behind. Unlikely Cowboy was decent...they had a very upbeat country/rock thing going. I wasn't really into them though, but they were good for the time being.

By the time they were done I was really looking forward to Inouk so (of course!) they changed the order of the bands. Salazar went on next. From the moment the lead singer did some warm-up vocals for sound check I knew I was doomed. The dude's voice was too high and shrilly for me personally. The band itself was ok/good. There were a few songs that were nice and tight, you could tell they had worked on them a lot and had really nailed it. Some others were just kind of eh. Overall I liked the songs that the bassist sang much better, but then when I actually listened to the lyrics they were a bit cheesy at times. Overall Salazar was fine. I probably wouldn't seek them out again just because of the vocalist's voice rubbing me the wrong way...could possibly have potential though otherwise. about 10 Inouk went on. I can honestly say that I like them now. I just consider them a completely different band than the old Inouk...which makes me feel a bit bothered when I read things like this, "...we've never sounded this good or had this much great material before." on their blog. I understand being in a band, not playing for a while, then starting to play and record again and getting all excited about the band growing and progressing, but I just think it's kind of whack to say it like that given the circumstance of Damon no longer being in the band. It could just be a harmless comment that I am reading way too much into, but it really got under my skin because I think "No Danger" was such a great album that they shouldn't discount and that they can't compare to their new stuff because it is completely different.

Sorry for that little rant...

Anyway...the show was very good. This was the best so far of the 3 I've been to since Inouk reformed. Everything just sounds more together, like everyone knows what they're doing. They sounded good before, but everything is just nice and more clean sounding now. I know they played "Grandpa's Rib", "Carefree", and "In Due Time". Those are the only 3 songs on their myspace page, and they haven't said any of the song titles at shows...which makes writing a review a bit difficult. "Carefree" is still my favorite. It reminds me of the old Inouk a bit, but removed from that I really like it...I like the lyrics and the pace and think it's a really good, fun, upbeat song. It was stuck in my head all day today. I like "Grandpa's Rib" too, though the "prove it" background vocals bother me a bit. Kind of wish they weren't there, but the song would probably need something else then. I'm a bit back and forth with "In Due Time". Sometimes I like it, other times I'm not in the mood. I'm really picking things apart here though. Overall I like Inouk's new songs. The ones whose names I don't know were good as well. They did not play "Miller" (an old Inouk song that was only performed a few times) this time. So in conclusion...Inouk played a good show. It was a lot of fun, very upbeat. The band seems to be having a good time too and their sound is really coming together.

A couple of New York shows to look out for:

Known about this for a while but wanted to wait for full details.

December 16th at at Studio B (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
FIXED party w/ BOYS NOIZE (Germany), CRYSTAL CASTLES (Toronto) live, and FOREIGN ISLANDS (NYC) live!! Plus residents JDH & Dave P $10 at door, $7 advance tix @ Other Music

More info here as it gets closer to the event.

Out of the line-up, I've only seen Boys Noize. Great dj, really fun to dance to. I saw him up in Montreal back in September. I had never heard any of his stuff before. I went to see him with a friend and we had a great time. He really mixes it all up well. He played Justice's remix of Simian's "We are Your Friends" as soon as we got there which immediately put him on my good side. Threw in some Daft Punk (can't remember which track off the top of my head, but it wasn't one of the usuals that are beaten to death on the dancefloor, i.e. "Around the World"), a remix of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" which I think is actually his next single coming out. He dropped Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" while I was in line for the bathroom. He'll keep you on your feet and you will have a great time. Go!

After one too many crappy New Years Eves I was really excited when I read that Radio 4 will be headlining a show at Mercury Lounge. The Oxford Collapse is also playing, along with others TBA.


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