Oct 12, 2006

CMJ Picks

Finally...I have been meaning to start an "official" music blog for a while.

Some matters:

I was just looking through the CMJ line-up at Ohmyrockness and thinking none of the shows looked particularly thrilling. I remember back in 2002 (before I even knew what CMJ was) I saw the Audio Bullys, Erlend Oye, Simian, Cassius, and the Chemical Brothers at a CMJ show at the Hammerstein Ballroom and it was just fucking amazing. But anyway...just when I had given up hope I spotted Damon McMahon's (and Inouk's? probably just an error, though I can hope can't I?) show at the Canal Room on 11/2.

I will definitely go to that show. I've been to a lot of Damon's shows since I moved back to New York (after chatting with him at a few of them in a row I think he may have become concerned that I am stalking him...really I just think he is extremely talented) and there hasn't been a bad one yet. His lyrics are unique and his voice is very emotive. Some good acoustic guitar too...just what's been missing from music lately. One of my favorite "new" artists of 2006.

Some other CMJ possibilites for me (which could require me to be in 47 places at once):

10/31 - The Cardigans (acoustic) at Knitting Factory (I hear it could be ugly though, from a friend of mine who is huge Cardigans fan no less).

10/31 - Nanuchka at Mo Pitkins (based solely on the fact that my friend Van likes them and we like the same stuff sometimes).

10/31 - Mickey Avalon at Sin-e. Just read an article on him in this month's issue of Nylon and apparently he spits some serious filth.

Young Love is also playing there. Personally...not my cup of tea...saw them open for Radio 4. I have no problem with the band...the singer just seems like a misplaced hipstered out boy band guy thrown into a electro-rock band. He seems too clean cut, and his voice is too nice. It just all kinda makes my head hurt. Not to mention their damn single "Discotheque" is still stuck in my head.

Ima Robot is also playing...I read something about them in Nylon too...and I remember noting them, just not sure if it was for a good or bad reason (it was 7 in the morning and I was running on 4 hours sleep at the time).

10/31 - Shit Disco and Home Video at the Annex - I am always intrigued and both optimistic and skeptical when bands put "disco" in their names. Also, I remember checking out Home Video's myspace when they were playing at Hiro last month and feeling kind of eh, could be good, could be bad about them.

11/1- Professor Murder at Pianos - I have been reading good things about them all over the internet for the past few months. They opened for Radio 4 a few months ago at the Bowery Ballroom and I intentionally missed it b/c I checked out their myspace page beforehand and it wasn't really appealing to me. But then Anthony Roman (lead singer of Radio 4) said they were awesome...and then I read it everywhere...so maybe I should give 'em a second listen.

11/1 - another based solely on name - Crack and Smack at the Delancey. Oh and the Pinkertones...I have no opinion on them, but there is some dj, a duo I think, that has a name involving pink that I missed during the summer that I was pissed about b/c they looked good and I can't remember what they actually were called, but everytime I see the Pinkertones listed I think it's them...and it's not. Suggestions??

11/2 - Heard CSS are good...the Bowery show is sold out. Saw the Oxford Collapse open for...I think Radio 4 at Bowery a couple of years ago and they were pretty good...so maybe now they are REALLY good. Too bad it's sold out already.

11/2 - MSTRKRFT - I hear from a reliable source that they bang. Not a Brooklyn fan...always a subway issue, but it is only in Williamsburg (Galapogos) so it shouldn't be too hard to get there.

11/2 - La Rocca is playing at Pianos and I feel I'd be remiss if I did not say they sound like...Coldplay...who needs another Coldplay? Not me...the singer seemed like a nice fellow though. He gave nice little prefaces for all the songs...which I appreciate. Also, he had an aceent, which as much as I hate to admit it...earns you bonus points with me.

11/3 - Architecture in Helsinki - recommended a while ago, been meaning to check em out. At Irving btw.

11/4 - Justice at Studio B...fuck yes! Have you heard their remix of Simian's "we are your friends" ?


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