Nov 20, 2006

recommendation and a question

This morning I am the only one present at the workplace so far. When this occurs, I like to put on music that is on the electronic side of the spectrum. You employer, kind and excellent as he is in most areas, has musical preferences that I cannot stand. I have gotten SICK OF THE BEATLES because those are pretty much the ONLY cd's he has that I enjoy. So...I am hoping that by refraining from exposing him and my other coworker (whose musical taste I also do not like) to electronic music which they probably will not like, things will somehow come full circle, and I will not be forced to endure the "Train" album, or the Garden State soundtrack, or Coldplay anymore. It hasn't worked yet, but I have's dwindling, but it's there.

So this morning, while nobody is here but me (and Louis the pug) I am listening to the robot-themed banging known as James Zabiela's Utilities- disc one(computed). I highly recommend it. The album is a two disc comp. Disc one is made using computers and various more modern technologies. Disc two is recorded using traditional methods. I think anyone who listened to them both (even blindly) would argue disc one is far just bangs. Disc two is not's just kind of ehh. When I put it on, I forget that it's on. It just fades into the background which at times is good. Sometimes you need some background music, but I don't think that is something James would like to hear, or what he intended. In any case...check it out. Disc one is worth buying it alone, and you can put on disc two while you're cooking dinner or something.

Totally unrelated:
I saw "the Science of Sleep" last night. Did anyone else find that Stephanie reminded them of Feist??


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