Oct 23, 2006

Shake, Damon, and laugh!

Stumbled upon a few noteworthy happenings:

This Thursday, October 26th @ Hiro:
The Glass After-Show Party and DJ Set featuring Dominique Keegan, and DJ Wool. Both from the Glass...haven't heard DJ Wool, but Dominique bangs (yes, I used the term bangs...as in bangin'...get used to it). He spins highly danceable tunes leaning towards the rock side- he was playing remixes of Simian's "We are Your Friends" when I saw him 2 years ago. Plus the lovely DJ Omri (he plays a lot of stuff...a bit of everything). The best part: Free!

Also at Hiro and also free, Nov. 2:
Digitalism Live
Juan Maclean dj set
Princess Superstar live
Alex English and guests.

Not going to go through all the "bigger" names in there, but I will mention that Alex dj's at a lot of the GBH parties, so if you can't make it that night definitely try to catch him some other time. He spins a lot of electronic, some rock. It all bangs. I happened to catch him as the closing dj one late Thursday night and I actually liked what he was playing better than the headliner.

Click here and scroll down a bit for the flyer and more info.

In less shake what yo momma gave ya-friendly news:
Nov. 10 - Damon McMahon (and others) @ Mercury Lounge (9:30)
Unfortunately I will probably miss that show because I will be going to the Ars Nova to see Clarke McFarlane, perhaps better known as "Mario, Queen of the Circus" after an entirely too long period of him being MIA.

How does this relate to music you might ask? Well...about a year and a half ago a friend and I saw "Mario" performing in the fountain in Washington Square Park. He is essentially a comedian, juggler, acrobat, etc. He had an off Broadway show called Planet Banana at the Ars Nova last spring. It made me and some friends laugh our asses off. I wound up going to see the show 3 times. There were a ton of pop classics, many performed by a live band, woven into the play. The guy also does a great juggling act while lip synching Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust". If that doesn't make you want to go see him, I don't know what will. Also, I should mention I have no idea what exactly he will be doing that night. In any case, between him and Damon, you should be able to find something good to do with your Friday night.


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