Nov 5, 2006

Tim Fite @ R&R, Inouk at Union Pool

I had a good time at CMJ this year...and lord knows I did not do as much running around to see bands as a lot of people probably did, but in any case...I am beat. And is my final CMJ show review:

Last night I braved R&R for yet a second time, to see Tim Fite. I listened to all the other bands that were playing before I left my apartment, concluded that they were all really bad California-ey synth pop, metal, or generic hell, and decided before I even got there to leave immediately after Tim Fite. It was probably the best decision I have made lately.

He and his brother Greg played an excellent show. It was the usual Tim Fite insanity which for those of you who are not familiar with him, consists of some live guitar, some samples from albums costing $1 or less, and some slides with short stories and interactive audience exercises. It is quite the experience...which in all honesty, I was totally freaked out by it the first time I saw him perform (opening for Tarantula A.D. at Tonic earlier this year). But then I listened to some of his album "Gone Aint Gone", and saw him again at the Spiegeltent and absolutely loved it.

At this show he didn't really play anything new to the best of my knowledge...I gather he might be saving it up for his show at Union Hall this coming Friday. It was a good show nonetheless. He played "Away from the Snakes", "Forty Five Remedies", and "No Good Here" among others. Highlights for me were a slideshow story about a rat named Juice, and a Tim's opening comment, "Hello, I'm Tim Fite and this is my brother Greg. We're here to pay for our CMJ badges the only way we know how...singing." He also walked around on some of the little tables that were there, kept picking at things that were stuck to the ceiling, shook a girl in the front's head vigorously while singing, and stood on the table while twirling two people that were in the audience around like ballerinas.

I really can't think of how to describe Tim's music if you haven't heard him before. So you should probably just check out his myspace . His website also will give a better overall impression of what to expect at one of his his show Friday at Union Hall. Just try to realize the humor in it all instead of being freaked out by it and you will probably really enjoy yourself.

And that is the end of CMJ for me.

But I could not take a break! I went to Union Pool to see Inouk again. I HAD to hear them again. It was really driving me nuts yesterday as I was writing my review of the Astralwerks showcase, that I couldn't tell if I was just hating on them because I was frustrated that Damon is not in the band anymore or who knows what.

My conclusions are as follows: I like them. They still sound different than a lot of what's out there...just not as different as they did before. My main issue with the whole situation is still the same as it was yesterday though: they are a different band. I think they sound so different than they did before that they are doing themselves a disservice by going by the same name. Seriously...I think a lot of people who were familiar with Inouk a couple of years ago would not think it was them if you played most of their new songs for them...they might recognize Alex's voice and say, isn't that the guy from Inouk? is he in a new band? Maybe I am taking it a bit to far, but I really do not think so.

Also...their song "Carefree" is now stuck in my head. Also, Union Pool is a nice little space...the front room/bar has a very local, neighborhoody feel. The back yard and fire pit area is a nice feature, and the back bar room where the bands performed has a really warm, intimate's painted a dark marroon, there is a goldenish border that frames the stage, there's a big painting on one of the walls. Very nice.


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