Oct 20, 2006

Inouk back together?!?!

I did not think this day would ever come...but it appears my friends, that Inouk...is back together! At least for one night!

Friday 11/3 at Canal Room (according to the CMJ website):
Inouk - 7:00 pm
Small Sins - 7:45 pm
Little Ones - 8:30 pm
Damon MacMahon - 9:30 pm

It is not some stupid website error, mistakingly still associating Damon McMahon with Inouk and not acknowledging him as a solo act, as I had originally assumed.

I do not care for the Small Sins or Little Ones...maybe they will be better live? Maybe I haven't listened to them enough to form an honest opinion? Who cares?!?! Inouk and Damon (both together and separately) are going to be awesome!

You can buy your muthaf-ing ticket here and attend one of the few good CMJ shows this year.


Anonymous,  3:43 AM  

small sins are worht sticking around for..

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