Oct 25, 2006


ATOC (A Touch of Class) has a few dj dates coming up! I went to see them at PS1 (you can actually download a part of that set, the link is on their myspace) this summer on a whim and they had everybody dancing. They really mix it up well- a lot of new electro stuff, with some classic dance tracks, a hint of pop disco at just the right time. Definitely check em out!

Anyway, here are the dates:
Nov 2 - MODULAR MONTHLY NYC (CMJ) at Galapagos Art Space (70 N 6th St in the BK)
MSTRKRFT (dj set)
Pixeltan (live)
Van She (live)
SoftLightes (live)
A Touch of Class (dj set)
DJ Ajax
Modular DJs
$5 w/ RSVP. $8 w/out.

RSVP/more info

The other date is Oct. 30th - the Rapture afterparty at 205 Bar Sorry for the lack of info on that one, that's all I got for now.

ps- apparently the blog layout is only jacked up when you view it using IE. When I got home from work last night I pulled it up on Firefox and it looks fine. So yeah...need to look into that.


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