Aug 3, 2007


Caught these 2 guys last night at Hiro (Cuizinier & DJ Orgasmic). Had serious fun gettin down with my boy Eddie, his sister, & their friend Rachel. We hit the floor hard, but shockingly it was first to Shout Out Out Out Out. I thought they were just one of those bands I kept reading about so often that they couldn't be good. But they got down to business - a good electronic, live band with a lot of energy and highly danceable. Makes tonight's decision even harder (check the flyer below).

and also Dave's disco bike party which looks like a lot of fun (you get in free if you rock some biker apparel), though I have yet to hear Prince Language...

So anyway...after some filler tracks while they were still kind of setting up, I'm going to say Orgasmic officially opened his set with Travailler which had Eddie and I losing our shit. I don't remember the next few songs he played, but they were good and kept us going. Then he kind of hit a bit of a lull where they were a bit too slow, but shortly after that Cuizinier did his thing and got everyone going again. One track I never heard before sampled Tina Turner's "Simply the Best", and they had everyone shouting "the best" over and over. It was pretty dope.

Anyway...time for me to travailler (to work), and if you haven't yet, check out the video. Some have never been the same...


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