Sep 23, 2007

Boys Noize and Pink Skull at Studio B - 9/14/07

After the Underworld show in Central Park I was pretty tired, but Boys Noize was dj-ing at Studio B. He's one of my favorite dj's. I went home, ate something, hopped on the G to Studio B. I tried to get there early so I could catch Pink Skull (at David Bruno's urging!), but I only was able to see them peform 2 songs even though it was only 12:15. The 2 songs I got to hear were pretty awesome though. A very energetic bunch of guys, making some highly danceable stuff with a very live quality to it (there's a drummer and guitarist, and a guy on turntables). Definitely would have liked to hear more, but c'est la vie.

JDH & Dave P spun for a bit after that, then Boys Noize started up around 1 or so. Now it could have just been me...but I did not have a good time! One of my favorite dj's, who's had me losing my shit on multiple occasions...and I did not have a good time. At all. I just could not get into it. Here are some factors that I believe may have contributed:

1. I have trouble shifting gears from one type of music to another sometimes. Perhaps the jump from Underworld to Boys Noize was too much (but then why was I able to get into Pink Skull?).

2. I was tired.

3. The dancefloor was REALLY packed. Some girl flailed and hit me in the eye. Then some hippy chick came over and was B.O.-ing up the space. So I moved away and then some guy was either trying to dance with me, or just was being forced way too close to me by the number of people on the dancefloor.

4. Perhaps I have seen Boys Noize too many times in the past year (this being my 5th), and I hate to say it, but I found his set to be a bit predictable. I would recognize the song he was playing and found myself thinking now he's going to drop the Bloc Party remix, or Michael Jackson, or Pump Up the Jam...which would have been fine if it happened once or twice...but it happened a lot.

As much as I hated to do it, I was tired and I skipped out early on his set. I'm hoping it was just a fluke incident, and more me than him. Hopefully he will be back here a bit further down the road, on a night when I haven't already gone to one big dance show.


bvllets 4:16 PM  

I went to both shows as well. I know i've heard of Boys Noize before and possibly even listened to them, but honestly I wasn't impressed at all. I didn't even know it was Boys Noize until about 3/4 through the dj set. Usually when you blindly listen to someone without really giving a shit who they are, you base them on what you're actually hearing. That's what happened here. C-

showtrotta 6:42 PM  

I've seen Boys Noize again since that night at Studio B and his set was much better, but still not the best set of his that I've heard. I'm not sure if his style is changing, or what I like...probably a little of both.

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