Jun 26, 2007

Sleep when you're dead...

or when there's nothing going on in NYC. I haven't been out in 2 weeks! since the Juan Maclean at Hiro. That has to be some type of record at this point. It's probably better since things will be going, pretty much nonstop through most of July starting this Thursday with Boys Noize:

Boys Noize is one of my favorite dj's. I first saw him at SAT's in Montreal last September. I had never heard of him. He was pretty good, but I was still kind of in leery evaluation mode when I thought it was safe to make a break for the restroom...and while I was waiting in line he dropped MJ's "Beat It". That's what you will get from Boys Noize...bass, lots of crunch, and the unexpected *cough* Personal Jesus remix *cough*. You can get most of his catalog at Beatport, and look for his new album "Oi Oi Oi" in September.

Friday I will begin an excellently timed 2 week dogsitting adventure which comes with the added perk of a West Village crash pad that is right next to where I work (being that it's the "home" part of my boss' home office, and it's his dog I'm watching while he's in Italy). It will make it all the more easy to drag myself down to the LES to get bassed by Passions at the Ruff Club at the Annex. And as much as it's a bit hipstery hellish (but where isn't nowadays?), the dancefloor there is always packed which is refreshing, in that dancing in a sweatbox kind of way.

Saturday I will return home to the deceptively close Long Island City, and walk down the block to PS1 for the DFA-laden (Invisible Conga People (live), Tim & Tim (Tim Goldsworthy and Tim Sweeney), The Juan Maclean (DJ Set), Shit Robot aka Marcus Lambkin, plus BLARVUSTER (Matthew Welch) ) kick-off to the Warm-up series...which, if you do not know, is an outdoor dance party in the big courtyard area of the PS1 modern art museum. There's beer, wine, food, sand under your feet, some good art, and getting down for 6 hours, from 3-9 for $10, or if you're lucky and live in Long Island City (like me) it's free with proof of residency (bills, id, etc), or if you're friends with someone (like me) who lives in Long Island City perhaps they will be kind enough to let you be their free guest. :P Also, there is a contest every year to design the outdoor installation (esentially where you par-tay), and this year's winner looks especially trippy. Who doesn't love kaleidoscopes? especially being in one?!

Fast forward to July 3rd...July 3rd is awesome because most working peeps have the 4th off including me. Last year I started out the evening with Anthony, wound up going to the Motherfucker party without him, after-partied, and did not come home until 8, slept until 11, went to brunch with Anthony to re-cap our evenings, went to a rooftop in Bushwick to see Damon McMahon, took a shockingly well-running G-train to a rooftop bbq in Park Slope. It was an excellent 24 hours of fun. I expect this year's to be better since there is actually good dj-ing going down:

The flyer says everything you need to know about everyone who's spinning. I am looking forward to Trevor Loveys in particular. The Switch association is what caught my eye, and my ears followed. Looks like it should be a good night.

Rest up, get your bbq and fireworkin' on the 4th. On the 5th, some cheeky electro-pop fun(k) in the form of:

On the fifth more outdoor goodness, and thankfully a little more laidback, subtly banging Fujiya & Miyagi and Ulrich Schnauss at the South Street Seaport. Despite living across the street for 2 years (but I guess that makes sense since I wasn't there in the summer) I have never been to any of the outdoor shows at the Seaport. But I have seen Fuijiya & Miyagi and Ulrich Schnauss, and they are both really good. I will go on a big tangent about Ulrich in a post soon to follow.

Next...if you can't make Chromeo Thursday, or if they are just so amazing that you must see them again:

And then...if you have any sense at all you WILL go see Simian Mobile Disco make the US debut of their LIVE show at Studio B on Saturday, yeah you just were there, and yes you will be tired from dancing you ass off to A Touch of Class (DJ set), Lee Douglas (Rong Music), Services (Live), Kudu (Live), Preacher and the Knife (live), plus Bubblyfish/Tristan Perich (live) at PS1 during the day, but it will be worth it because:

1. SMD are awesome
2. SMD are two very nice gentleman you should be glad to support
3. SMD are awesome
4. I listened to an interview with them on BBC's Radio 1, and essentially their live show is them improvising and re-creating their album tracks using as many synths and old analog equipment as they can physically bring with them.
5. See numbers 1 and 3, and the flyer:

And then you will go home and collapse...at least that is my plan for the next couple of weeks. Cheers!


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