Jun 27, 2007

It's the Bea(t)ch

Forgot to mention Water Taxi Beach in that last post about Warm-up at PS1...Water Taxi Beach is a man-made beach in Long Island City, off of the East River. It's within walking distance from PS1, and like PS1 they conveniently have a dance party every Saturday through the summer (I think usually an hour or so after Warm-up ends)...this year it's called "The Beach Party" (how inventive). It's open most of the day on weekends to just eat and hang out (no swimming), free admission before 8, and $5 or less after. I actually have never successfully gone there due to various people forgetting to bring their ID...anyway, here is their line-up for this summer:

June 30 - Prins Thomas
July 7 - In Flagranti
July 14 - Gilb'r From Chateau Flight
July 21 - Turntables on the Hudson
July 28 - Grandmaster Flash
Aug 4 - Tim Sweeney
Aug 11 - The Underground Resistance Assault DJ Squad
Aug 18 - Akalepse
Aug 25 - Zombie Nation
Sept 1 - Dixon And Alex From Tokyo


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