Jun 30, 2007


Today was the first day of PS1's Warm-up series. Headed over with the roomie around 5ish, jaws dropping as we saw the line wrapping around the entire block, but luckily I remembered there being a separate line for people on lists, Moma members, and LIC residents last year. Sure enough it was there again and ridiculously short with nobody on it. Yea-yuhh.

It was pretty crowded inside...which seems to be the case when Warm-up first starts, but they tend to become less wall to wall people and more bearable as the summer goes on.

The outdoor installation Liquid Sky which was supposed to create a kaleidoscope effect didn't really work b/c it was overcast...and even if it did, the design itself is pretty crappy looking...it looked like a bunch of light gels stuck together, some with holes strategically cut in them, and you could see these big white things that held it all together. It was kind of ugly, and I feel the same effect could have been achieved with something that was more aesthetically pleasing. A good part of the installation were these big communal hammocks that people seemed to be enjoying. There was also some type of sprinkler at the top of the kaleidoscope installation randomly shooting out water. It was novel at first, but then we got kind of sick of getting wet. We kept moving, and it seemed to be following us which was kind of funny. I'm sure as it gets hotter I will appreciate that more.

So on to the music...I have no idea who was playing out of the line-up when we got there, but it was not good. It was a bit too radio dance music-ish...you know, the shit people who don't listen to dance music think of when you say dance music. At some point it switched to someone who was a bit better, and then finally the Juan Maclean.

I have had mixed feelings about his sets lately. At Hiro he didn't really do it for me, and today was the same. It seemed a bit non-descript. There were a few good points...he played NY Lipps by Soulwax. Later on he played Green Velvet's Shake and Pop, followed directly with the Cajmere (one of Green Velvet's aka's) remix of Give Me Every Little Thing. Other than those moments it was just kind of eh. It was nice to be dancing outside, in the daytime for a change though.


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