Jun 28, 2007


Fatboy Slim's record label, Skint, has a free 10-track digital sampler - Let The Beats Roll, of both new and old stuff that you can get after signing up for their mailing list here. Haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet as I am at the workplace... :(

Also...don't sleep on Boys Noize tonight even though the weather is supposed to be horrific (according to my mom and the national weather service). I was looking for a live set he played at Nightmoves in Chicago that I had downloaded a while back to post. I don't remember where I originally got it, but I just found it at this site. My mind cannot comprehend that many live sets right now...looks like time to start making room on the ipod. Ahhh!!! They have the Chemical Brothers live set from Glastonbury!!! I am officially freaking out.


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