Mar 21, 2007

Fujiya & Miyagi, Fujiya & Miyagi, Fujiya & Miyagi, Fujiya & Miyagi...

Just got home from the Mercury Lounge show this evening: Fujiya & Miyagi w/ an opening set by the New Violators.

Firstly...the new Violators left me feeling violated...I still am not sure what to think. My gut reaction was they are just re-hashing David Bowie, and all sorts of other acts of that period and style (especially the song Runaway...I am totally blanking on the artist and song title, but I have heard that shit before!)...quite frankly, I still have quite the Bowie backlog to listen to, so I really don't need a nice bunch of Norwegians that sound like him on my ipod...also, I could not help thinking they reminded me of the Killers at times. Here is where I feel some point, probably 3/4 through their set they played a song, and I was really into it...I can't remember anything about it other than thinking to myself...hmm, this one's ok...the next couple after were good too, but nothing too crazy. Overall, cheeky fun...but not really necessary for me personally. I feel bad. I like the Norwegians.

Ok, now, Fujiya & Miyagi: awesome!!! You know how their album bangs in a sort of subtle, mellow way? Well, live, the banging is much more banging...and the subtle is a tad more subtle, making for a heightened experience. They played most, if not all, of Transparent Things...which was ace, but then they threw in some new stuff...a few tracks which were purely instrumental and highly dance-able. Unfortunately the crowd did not seem to be taking advantage of this opportunity to get down (which was a bit disappointing b/c of some things I had read about their show on Sunday night), but it's what I've come to expect lately. People need to stop taking themselves so seriously and just get down. In any case...they played a very fun live show that was very well done. They also seemed very appreciative of the crowd and glad to be playing which is always nice.

Now...the bathroom talk: After the show is over I leg it to the bathroom and of course there is a line, exacerbated by the fact that one of the two toilets is out of order. This makes me privy to a conversation among three girls that went something like this:

1: what'd you think of the show?
2: I liked it. I heard the album, but I didn't know what to expect.
3. Yeah, me neither. They were good. They were smaller than I expected.
1. Yeah, I wanted to put them in my pocket.
2. Yeah, they were like mini.
3. They were like little soccer players.
1. You know why they reminded you of soccer players?
3. Why?
1. They're from England.
3. Ohhh, yeah. You're right!

Jesus Christ! Come on! When I go on tangents about hating girls I occasionally get these looks like I am a little out there...I don't think it's b/c I generally don't like girls, I think it's just b/c I get very fired up about it (which I don't get for all that many reasons)...but do you see the shit that comes out of their mouths? I'm not saying guys are perfect, I'm not saying they don't say stupid things...but it is a different kind of stupid, that is way more tolerable and does not make me want to have a sex change operation or punch people in the face.

And now, some low quality camera phone pics!:


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