Jun 27, 2007


Senior year of school is when I really started going to shows quite a bit. I think I was reading Time Out and I happened upon an article about M83. From what I read I thought I might like them...and then for some reason the name sounded familiar, and I thumbed back a few pages and there was an ad for a show they were playing later that week at the Bowery. I listened to and bought "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts" and went to the show. It's a really good album btw, and live they really rock...ALOT of guitar, and loud...but then very quiet. Check them out.

Anyway...this post is supposed to be about Ulrich. Every time I have seen M83 since then...Ulrich was always the opener. I liked him instantly the first time, and every time I see him I like him more and more. Firstly... Ulrich is a tall German dude, with floppy hair who brings his little daisy covered laptop and delivers atmospheric shoe-gazey bliss that gradually somehow, ends up banging in a very non intrusive, subtle way.

He's got quite a few dates lined up in support of his new album, Goodbye, which comes out in the US on July 10th. The first is a free show on the 6th at the Seaport with Fujiya and Miyagi. I am really excited to see how that show goes down. All the times I've seen Ulrich previously were at the Bowery Ballroom. NOBODY danced. Will being out in the sunshine free people from their inhibitions so much that they actually move!? or will it just turn everyone into a bunch of sweaty, cranky, stationary bitches? We shall see.

Another New York date (September 22nd) is at another interesting venue - Joe's Pub. I have only seen one show there - it was Feist, and she was amazing. But when I read that Ulrich is playing there...I am very interested to see how his stuff plays while people are chomping on dinner. I can picture someone singing, or a band...but having him going at it on his laptop while people are eating...I just can't picture it. It should be interesting.

He's also playing at the Bowery on the 21st (of September), which is still worth checking out, even if nobody dances.


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