Jun 15, 2007

Give me every little thing

Just got home from the Juan Maclean/Matt B. Safer at Hiro...such a bad decision to go.

Juan was good as usual...I like him because usually he plays some stuff I know, but most of it I don't...and usually most of what I don't know is good, older stuff.

Tonight all I knew out of his set was the good, but getting a bit played out, Shake and Pop...followed by the Cajmere remix of Give Me Every Little Thing. There was some good stuff after that, then Soulwax's NY Lipps...but then it just kind of got bland after that.

Caught the beginning of Matt B. Safer's set, which I thought was going to be pretty good judging by the start of things. He had looped a sample from some old aerobics video over a good beat...but once that was done, I was done - the crowd at Hiro was a new level of hellish, and I couldn't take it any longer. The past few shows I've been to at Hiro, ie Boys Noize, Ed Banger night, Soulwax... it's half decent people, half hellish hipsters. Tonight...it was probably 1/4 decent people, 1/4 hipster, and half the ninth level of hell...Long Island-ish, stock broker-ish, drunk girl-ish HELL! People who were there just to go out on a Thursday night with no regard for who was dj-ing. It was just bad...

And now my entire weekend plan is jacked up...was going to head home for father's day tomorrow, but tonight sucked so badly I feel like I have to salvage the weekend by staying for the ton of stuff going on tomorrow night, and holding off until Saturday to go home. The fun part is, I have to decide by tomorrow morning b/c I have to pack before I go to work if I decide to leave...blah!


Anonymous,  3:19 AM  

Hiro fucking blows.
No matter how good the talent is.
One of the worst rooms in the city.

showtrotta 3:40 AM  

In terms of the crowd, yes Hiro blows. I have also heard it is a tricky room sound-wise, but I have seen quite a few dj's/bands pull it off and have had a great time despite the often shitty crowds.

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