Jun 19, 2007

Here there and everywhere

I read waaayyy too many blogs. I started using Google Reader a few months ago...and for a while it was better...but now I just ended up starring a ton of stuff. Since it's been a slow week in New York (show-wise, for me personally), I've been attempting to go through a lot of the starred stuff. Here are some of the video highlights:

Hilarious, and horribly catchy - TTC's Travailler

The colors!!!!! Also...makes me think of Lucky Charms - Teki Latex ft. Lio - Les Matins de Paris

I almost died when I saw this video because literally an hour ago I was thinking of this song, but never knew who it was or what it was called. I just knew I had heard it in JDH's dj sets at Studio B over the past few months, and was trying to think of how I would describe it in the hopes that someone would figure it out...and realized I had no idea. I figured I would just stumble upon it in some blog...hahaha. Also, I'd been reading about Gui Boratto a lot over the past few months, thought I would like him, but haven't really been into his stuff...but as it turns out I really like this song (Beautiful Life). WEIRD! Anyway, the video:


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