Jun 11, 2007

Is that Ludacris or is that Tim Fite?!

This is a post from some wee hour I got home last week after the Tim Fite show. It got lost in the crazy weekend shuffle:

Somehow, I just now got back from seeing Tim Fite at the Knitting Factory. Tim is one of those performers who is just consistently good. I still have yet to experience a bad, or off Tim Fite show. Tonight had all the makings of a good Tim Fite show...a decent-sized, energetic crowd...and Tim.

There was a girl working the merch booth who was really into Tim, and she kept going on about it being a whole "multimedia experience". After hearing her tell this to someone for probably the third time I wanted to cut a bitch so to speak, but she had a point. In addition to getting his 99-cent sample on with inventive, charged lyrics...he does some drawings...and those drawings make up slide shows. The best slide shows you will ever see. Tonight's included a vision test with a surprise ending, along with a "Burn It Down" sing-along. If you haven't seen Tim live yet, no amount of description will do it justice. The next time he's playing (which is pretty often in NYC) be sure to go! Also, they aren't quite the same as slide shows, but recently Tim has been posting short videos every week called "Gun Show" on his website. You'll probably be more into them if you're already somewhat familiar with Tim, but you might like 'em either way.

Anyway...here are some songs he played at the Knitting Factory show, not in order:

I Hope Yer There
Shake em Down (not sure of the actual name of this one)
45 Remedies
It's All Right Here
No Good
In Your Hair
Away from the Snakes

Afterwards I wound up chatting with Tim and Greg for quite a while, and I must say they were both so easy to talk to, and hilarious - seriously one of the most humorous conversations and nice guys.

One of the things that came up was that Tim's playing Bonnaroo...at the same time as another better-known band. I have seen the other band, and they are good...but...go see Tim instead. Tell your friends that are going to Bonnaroo! If you are going...go see Tim. You won't be sorry.

Also, I just checked his myspace and he has quite a number of tour dates scheduled for this summer:

Jun 16 2007
Bonnaroo - Manchester, Tennessee

Jul 12 2007
Union Hall - Brooklyn, New York

Jul 30 2007
Southpaw - Brooklyn, New York

Aug 7 2007
Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, Georgia

Aug 8 2007
The Social - Orlando, Florida

Aug 9 2007
Jack Rabbit's - Jacksonville, Florida

Aug 10 2007
Crowbar - Ybor City, Florida

Aug 11 2007
Culture Room - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Aug 13 2007
Work Play Theatre - Birmingham, Alabama

Aug 15 2007
House of Blues - New Orleans, Louisiana

Aug 17 2007
Walter's on Washington - Houston, Texas

Aug 18 2007
Hailey's - Denton, Texas

Aug 20 2007
Bricktown Ballroom - OK City, Oklahoma

Aug 21 2007
Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Aug 22 2007
Juanita's - Little Rock, Arkansas

Aug 23 2007
Newby's - Memphis, Tennessee

Aug 24 2007
Exit/In - Nashville, Tennessee

Aug 25 2007
The Grey Eagle - Asheville, North Carolina

Aug 26 2007
Starr Hill Music Hall - Charlottesville, Virginia


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