Jun 12, 2007

It Matters

I have started my Tuesday morning with the Justice Essential mix from BBC's Radio 1 on Sunday. It's a great way to nip a case of the Mondays Tuesdays in the bud. Slap You in Public brought it to my attention yesterday and Filter 27 has the goods and the insane tracklisting. This mix should set anyone who thinks Justice are a one trick pony straight. PS - have you seen the cross packaging?

While I'm on about Ed Banger...there is apparently an Ed Banger/the Cobra Snake t-shirt collab. Basic details and a pic at High Snobiety.

And while I'm on dance...sick shit in NYC this weekend, yet again...mainly concentrated all in one night. Doh!


I've only seen Juan out of that lineup. He throws down. Worth going for him alone.

Friday night...the crazy night:

The Captain is great. I've seen him twice...solid, highly dance-able mixes both times.

Dave hasn't steered me wrong yet, so I'm posting this one out of blind faith. I haven't gotten to check out Andy Butler yet...my ipod was in a state last week (a non-working state) so I am all sorts of behind on checking out new stuff. In any case...it's usually a good party.

I've been looking forward to seeing Passions again since his show at Studio B a few weeks ago. The sound system at Home Sweet Home was reaaallly bad the last time I was there a few months ago though.

It should be interesting to see where I end up going that night. They're all vaguely close to each other and free/cheap. Yea-yuhh!

There's a ton of other stuff (both electronic and otherwise) I want to post, but that'll have to wait until later.


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