Feb 7, 2008

Trevor Jackson at Love tonight!

This is sure to be a great night of electro/disco weirdness. I can't wait. Caught Trevor last spring during a time of particularly good parties in New York. Definitely looking forward to seeing him again. If you're not familiar with him he's been doing awesome remixes for everyone and their mother since the mid 90's. Started his own label, Output Records, in 1996 which is now officially all jacked up - via Trevor's myspace:

"hello there, just wanted everyone to know that i did compile the I HATE MUSIC output compilation, but have NOTHING to do with the new remixes thats are being released, i'm not happy with them, they didn't need to be done, and don't have my support. OUTPUT IS DEAD, & don't let anyone tell you otherwise. the back catalogue will happily always be available, but there will be no new releases on the label ever!, the process label and its artists have nothing to do with me, i'm currently spending my time doing things more worthwhile."

Anyway...speaking of Output's back catalog, I highly recommend Channel 2: A Compilation of Output Recordings. Even though it's nearly 4 years old and you've probably heard some of what's on it, it just bangs beautifully. Tracklist:

1. Malibu - Rita Hurtzberg
2. Doop - Manhead
3. Crazy Love - Colder
4. Me and Madonna - Blackstrobe & Zongamin
5. Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem
6. Unconditional Discipline of the Bastard Prince - Volga Select
7. Difference - DK7
8. Olio [Full Length Version] - The Rapture
9. Distance - Grand National, Grand National, Grand National
10. Make It Happen [Zongamin Remix] - Playgroup
11. Don't Stop
12. Odb on the Run - Dempsey
13. Ice Skating Girl
14. Non-Revival Alarm - Circlesquare
15. There Are Great Monsters Going Past

Advance tickets ($10) for tonight here. Also, if you zoom in on the flyer, there are $4 well drinks until midnight.


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