Feb 5, 2008

Kavinsky and SebastiAn to play Studio B!

Peeps in the New York area on April 19th are in for the good stuff!

These two:

Kavinsky and SebastiAn hit Studio B April 19th. I'll post more details as I have them.

ps - If you haven't heard it, here is a great set SebastiAn did for Italy's Pig Magazine for their 5th birthday party last April. Still awesome even almost a year later.


Mohan 7:07 PM  

dang! i'll be in chicago!

tineMachine 8:16 PM  

yay it's on my birthday!

showtrotta 8:23 PM  

Happy Birthday! That's an awesome present!

ak,  9:56 PM  

sebastian cancelled. its only kavinsky now.

showtrotta 10:10 PM  

Thanks ak. I had heard about that. I took him out of the show list on the left this morning.

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