Feb 10, 2008

Trevor Jackson at Love 2/7/08

When I found out that Trevor Jackson was coming to town I got soooo excited. I've been familiar with (and have loved) a lot of his own tracks and remixes for a while. I'd seen him dj twice before when he was here last spring and both of those sets were very good, funky, highly danceable electro.

I proceeded to drag everyone and their mother aka Mike, Paul, George, Dana, Shennan and a bunch of their friends out to see him...and it was really, REALLY bad. Got there about midnight...the guy dj-ing was playing some really minimal stuff. Not good. 1ish Trevor goes on and the minimal hell stops (temporarily). Things get more upbeat and there's definitely a shift - you could tell the dj had changed. Things were going fine for like 20 minutes...and then slowly we were back in minimal, boring land. Just super stripped down, very non-exciting, super underwhelming stuff. In a matter of maybe 30 minutes he had cleared the floor. Super frustrating b/c 1. I know he can do way better than that. 2. If you're dj-ing and you just cleared a floor which was full of people dancing to "music" that was a step up from the noises a fax machine makes...obviously something bad has happened. Perhaps you should adjust your song selections ever so slightly.

So now...in an effort to regain any lost credibility I am going to do a "Trevor Jackson is not a shitty dj though his set Thursday night might have made you think otherwise" mix. Maybe I will post it here.


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