Feb 11, 2008

Jonathan K's Bootay Shakin Birthday Blowout (aka everyone and their mother) at Studio B

I had been looking forward to seeing Busy P dj again ever since I was first blown away by his set at the Moustaches Wild party in September. Mike, Paul, and I were so hyped for this party it was ridiculous...I actually had a crazy-ass dream about it the night before. Anyway...

Met Mike and Josh at the B around midnight...someone was dj-ing...nothing too exciting. The place was already pretty packed. Busy Paul and George showed up about an hour after that. The big scandal of the night was Spank Rock canceling at the last minute. I honestly don't think I've ever heard a Spank Rock track. Maybe a remix here or there. So I didn't really care. The other thing people were bugging out about was the addition of the GZA to the bill at the last minute.

My freshman year of college my friend Chuck got me into the Wu Tang...but then it didn't really last. I never got super duper into them, but always was kind of aware of what they were up to and liked most of what they put out over the years. That being said...the GZA killed it and everyone went bananas. It was honestly one of the best parts of the night and was so much fun.

After that Tippy went on. I thought she handled going on after the GZA very well. That is a very hellish act to have to follow, but she managed to pull it off. I haven't see her perform since about a year and a half ago...she basically took her already energetic stage persona and upped the energy even further. The crowd seemed very into it. I can't really go into more detail than that about her performance because right at the beginning of her set we spotted Busy P and began our mission to meet him. Lol. He was kind of crouched toward the back of the stage trying to discretely prepare for his set. Somehow Paul got his attention long enough for him to come over and shake hands. Mission accomplished for Busy Paul. Unfortunately he scurried away before I could talk to him about my Busy Pumpkin. :(

After Tippy's short set Busy P started and we all pretty much lost our minds and were dancing like maniacs for the first 30 minutes or so. I don't remember that much of what he played off hand (other than the Chemical Brothers "Do It Again" and Crookers' remix of the Chems' "Salmon Dance", some Justice, DJ Mehdi's Signatune, Soulwax remix of Klaxons' Gravity's Rainbow, etc.) but overall it was a weird little experience.

Like I said, when it started off we were going nuts. Busy P started off really strong, but at some point he started switching off w/ So Me and that's where the problems began. Everyone's favorite t-shirt designer was trainwrecking pretty badly and frequently. You could see Busy P kind of cringing, trying not to do anything...but then ultimately ending up reaching over and twisting knobs in an effort to rescue the set. We were all kinda bugged out by this..."So Bad" and "So Sucky" were definitely thrown around.

Toward the end it turned into one of those "let's just play some random fun pop and rock songs" sets which I might've appreciated more had So Me not just jacked up a decent set by Busy P. Overall though...it wasn't the best set I've heard from Busy P. He owns and runs such a great label, but he was dropping tunes from 6 months ago. I'm not saying he has to drop all new stuff all the time. I have heard sets that have a lot of stuff that isn't super new in them that are amazing. This just wasn't one of them. Good, but not what I expect from Busy P. Definitely not as good as his set in September.

So, overall a fun night. A good but not great set from Busy P, that would've been better without So Me.

Mike and Paul took a ton of pictures that night. I went through all of them and put a bunch here:

Jonathan K's Bootay Shakin Birthday Blowout


Dave 5:18 PM  

Totally accurate. Respect. Nice site.

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