Feb 10, 2008

The Teenagers at Hiro 1/31/08

Arrived at Hiro super early in an attempt to avoid the crowd of 1,300 people that RSVP'd. Unfortunately it was already snaking around the block. So Busy Paul and I had to do the necessary evil of skipping the line.

Drank some free funky beer and shot the breeze to some nice background electro jams. About 12 Mike and Andrew find us. We decide to head upstairs for the show. The Teenagers opened with "Starlett Johansson", which I still hate just as much live. They played a bunch of songs which I assume are from their new album...but something just wasn't there. They're just an ok electro-rock band. I like their song "Homecoming", but based on their performance I feel no need to see them live again. I think we all kind of felt the same way. At some point we just stopped paying attention b/c it wasn't entertaining and we were just drinking and chatting. One of my favorite parts of the night was when I turned to Mike towards the end of the Teenagers set and said (in my best faux Fraaanshhh accent) "Thees is going to be our last song. Eeet's called 'Homecoming'"...and as soon as they finished the song they were playing...the singer actually said exactly that. Hilarious.

Once the Teenagers were done someone started dj-ing (it wasn't one of the Teenagers, we never actually saw them dj before we left) and was actually pretty awesome. But I don't think any of us knew who it was. Big ups to Busy Paul for asking someone who it was! It was this dude, Red Foxx. It wound up being a fun night of hanging out...but music-wise, not thrilled by the Teenagers at all.


Paul 2:10 AM  

The DJ after the Teenagers was SLUTT and was fricken AWESOME! I asked the photo taker guy what his name was.

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