Sep 20, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Extended - Modular Monthly, Wurst Monthly, Worst Saturday

For some reason despite all the madness that was going on here over labor day weekend, I felt the need to keep going well into the next week.

I didn't think I would make it out Thursday night after spending most of Wednesday recovering (at work) after getting literally just a couple of hours of sleep after the Yo Yo NYC party. But somehow I wound up heading down to the Modular Party at 200 Orchard to check out the Bang Gang. I had been reading and hearing so much about them...only trouble is...I am not sure if I ever actually saw them dj. Hah. This is ridiculous. Some guys were dj-ing when I got there... probably somewhere between 12 and 1. They were good. Playing a lot of stuff I've been hearing out quite often, but in good way that made it same new and danceable. Then at some point it switched to JDH & Dave P - also good. Then I left to go to the bar and was waiting for a while and when I got back the floor had cleared quite a bit and there was just one guy I didn't recognize dj-ing. I was kind of underwhelmed at this point, so I left to head over to the Wurst monthly at APT.

I got there a little before 2. I think it was My Cousin Roy spinning but I didn't really get a good look behind the decks because I was too busy dancing along with half of the downstairs of APT. Every time I go there I have such a different experience. Either you're up to your neck in bitchy pretension and everyone's too self-involved to dance, or it's very laidback and the crowd is shitty and just not dancing, or as was the case that night: the crowd was great, not pretentious, and was relentlessly getting down. There was modern disco being played that you could not not get down to. Stayed 'til it closed!

Went to work Friday with the plan of watching West Wing and crashing on the couch the second I got home in the hopes of falling asleep and waking up in time to either go to People Don't Dance No More or Fun. Problem #1: my roommate took the season of West Wing I was up to home with him for the weekend. Problem #2: I fell asleep on the couch, realized this around 9, rolled over kept sleeping, didn't wake up again until 2:45...and sadly that was that.

Unfortunately things were downhill from there in terms of nightlife that weekend. I made an impulse decision to buy a ticket to see Patrick from M.A.N.D.Y. dj while I was making breakfast Saturday morning. Stuff on M.A.N.D.Y.'s myspace was decent, and they're on Get Physical as is DJ T who blew me away at Moustaches Wild the week before. I thought it would be good to try something new. WRONG! At least in this case. First of all the ticketfast ticket said Shelter was on 39th and 5th. It was not. It was on Varick near Vandam. I was running late to begin with so I took a cab which actually wasn't that bad $-wise. I got there...and it was like the Holland Tunnel off ramp dumped directly into this place. I really am not a big fuckhead snob about crowds. I usually just try to ignore them if they bother me and have a good time anyway...but this was like tight shirt, gelled hair, muscley Guido-esque dudes and girls with fake nails. Can't fault them for the big hair, haha. Seriously though it was a bloodbath, but I could have dealt with it if the music wasn't horrible. It was like deep scary house...but not good deep hellish house that people who don't listen to electronic/dance music think of when you tell them you like dance music. At first it was really bad, then after about 15 minutes the dj's switched and it got slightly better. I tried to wait it out and give it a chance, but I just thought it was bad and had to get outta there. I wound up sticking around for only an hour altogether. Found out that the second guy who had gone on was Patrick from M.A.N.D.Y....disappointing, but you need a night like that every now and then to keep all the really good stuff in perspective I guess.


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