Sep 26, 2007

This Weekend

Here's what's going on. Starting Thursday:

Fujiya & Miyagi at Bowery Ballroom. I really like these guys. Seemingly effortless, subtle bang that is harder live than their studio album would indicate.

Followed by this at APT:

For some reason I find it difficult to make myself go to APT straight away, but if I'm already out I'm usually inclined to swing by if something good is going on. Been reading a lot of good stuff about Claude and this party.

Friday F&M are playing again, this time at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Saturday, Meanred holding it down yet again:

I can't wait! The last time Switch was dj-ing in New York (which I think was a while ago) I wasn't really familiar with his stuff. Then in the months following I kept hearing great remixes by him and was kicking myself for not going. To top it off I realized he's also Solid Groove who's responsible for the track "This is Sick" which I have loved for years. So yeah...I'm really looking forward to this show, both for him and Sinden whose stuff I really don't know much of other than Beeper.

Sunday this is going on, but I will be out of town...something in the cosmos is preventing me from seeing the Twilight Sad:


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