Jul 6, 2007

In One Ear...and Out the Other

This evening I went to the Fujiya and Miyagi show at the South Street Seaport. Earlier in the week I learned that Ulrich Schnauss was no longer the opening act. I was a bit disappointed because I had really been looking forward to seeing him again, but oh well. He'll be here in a couple of months anyway. So...he was replaced by Black Moth Super Rainbow. I didn't think they were super. I didn't like most of the songs. Every now and then one would start off ok but then just end up sounding noisy by the end. I think they only played for 45 minutes, so it could have been worse.

Things started pretty much on time, which was nice. And there was no ridiculous hour long set-up break between Black Moth and Fujiya. F&M opened their set with Casettesingle which created some nice tension as it's all instrumental, the music building up as it goes along. They followed it with Sucker Punch, and things really seemed to get going afterwards with Photo Copier. The whole setlist is below. It was a fun show...a bit humid out, and I was exhausted from Chromeo last night, but I still had a great time. As the set went on Fujiya & Miyagi busted out some more upbeat songs I didn't recognize right away...serious fun.


Sucker Punch
Photo Copier
Transparent Things
- Don't know what this one was called, but the chorus was "she made me go uh uh"
- Same here, something like "my favorite (dunno what he said here) sticks out like a sore thumb"
Reeboks in Heaven
Ankle Injuries
- Don't know the title, dare I say it's "No more pussyfooting with you"?
In One Ear & Out the Other

Electro Karaoke in the Negative Style

Hopefully my work BFF, H-dizzle will hook me up with some photos he took at the show.


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