Sep 14, 2007

Dance, dance, dance...

Ahhh...still recovering from all the madness that happened here last week (reviews to come). I of course caught some sort of death cold/allergy in the meantime that I thought had gone away, but going to happy hour Wednesday probably wasn't the best idea. So now it's back, worse than before. I missed all the French blogger/dj madness that went on at Hiro last night so that I could go to bed at 10 pm...yes, 10 preparation for this evening's activities:

Really looking forward to this. The weather is awesome today. The dudes are legendary. Should be a great show.

Followed by this:

Boys Noize is always awesome

Followed by another night of double madness tomorrow:

Simian Mobile Disco live show at the Gramercy Theater! followed by:

I've seen them dj and their live show and neither left anything to be desired. If you're not convinced watch some youtube then buy your ticket!


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