Sep 28, 2007

Fuijya & Miyagi at Bowery Ballroom and Claude Vonstroke's Dirtybird party at APT 9/27/07

Arrived at the Bowery just before Fujiya & Miyagi went on a little after 11. They played an excellent, highly danceable show. The crowd was definitely into it, getting down, singing to themselves, etc. and clapping like maniacs. It was nice to see them so well received. They played a lot of songs from Transparent Things, and kept it interesting with some new songs that were on the funkier side. I tried to keep track of the setlist in my head...but it didn't go so well. I know they opened with Ankle Injuries, followed by Collarbone seamlessly transitioning (which was awesome) straight into Photocopier, but then they threw in a couple I had heard at previous shows but whose names I didn't know and it was all over. Another great show by the Brits, but some complained it was a bit short...just about an hour in total. I would have liked to hear a couple of more songs during the encore, but I was fine with it not being a super long show. One thing I noticed about the show...I felt like everyone near me was really a college freshman field trip to the Bowery or something. It was very weird. Check em out at the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (which I hear has been transformed into a Bowery Ballroom clone) if you missed out last night. It will be serious fun. I had such a good time I am tempted to go again.

Anyway, after F&M I headed over to the Dirtybird party at APT where Claude Vonstroke was killing it. I have never seen APT so packed! You could barely dance and it was sooooo hot, but still a lot of fun. He was just playing really funky, loud, deep house/techno hybrid shit. It was great. Stayed there until nearly 3 which is why this is not my best post. The next New York Dirtybird is on October 25th with Tanner Ross if you're looking to get down.


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