Mar 8, 2007

odds and ends

I think already mentioned that Hollis Browne have a new EP coming out, but now you can listen to one of the tracks from it on their myspace.

I just read that Sin-e is closing :(, but Brooklynvegan is having a show during its last days. Tim Fite! will be there! He's the only one I really know out of the line-up. I've seen Shy Child once before, but it was a while ago...pretty much was indifferent. But it looks like a fun show anyway, and David Bruno is dj-ing!

I also just read over at BV that CMJ will be at the Puck Building this year, instead of Lincoln Center, and multiple venues at NYU...not sure how I feel about this. A lot about NYU bothers me that is mostly personal b/c I am a disgruntled alumnus. My second thought upon reading this was...didn't I just go to CMJ? The time! It flies!

This morning I was listening to a dj mix I downloaded a while back...and I really enjoyed it, but I am starting to have a gripe with all the mixes I am downloading: they all sound the same!!! Obviously not exactly the same...I also realize I am drawn to a certain type of electronic music, so it makes sense for certain styles and beats to be consistent throughout but: SMD's "Hustler" is not the only song on earth. I love SMD to death, and I love that song, but it has been in at least 75% of the dj mixes I have heard lately, if not more...along with...a lot of Justice. I know there is that banger everyone loves and is raving about, that you just have to include in the mix...but really, do you? Is there no other song in your extensive record collection that you feel has just been waiting to be thrown into a mix?! I'm sure there is :P I am not nearly as heated about this as it might seem, probably b/c I like Justice and SMD, and everyone else whose stuff I hear in mix after was just an observation.


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