Mar 9, 2007

Kraak & Smaak

I got an email today from Giant Step about their SXSW line-up...I kind of wish I had gotten my act together and planned on going. I've been dying to go on a little trip, but oh well. Most of the groups playing there are swinging by New York anyway...including Kraak & Smaak, who I haven't gotten fully into. I think I got their track "Keep Me Home" as a free download during CMJ, and I really liked it, but never got around to looking them up. I've been listening to what's on their myspace just now...and it's kind of funky, soulful electro. I really like it...reminds me of Ralph Myerz (which I just happened to listen to on my way into work this mornning), but hopped up on something. So the good news is, they are playing at that new-ish club, Rebel, in the west 30''s on Tuesday the 19th, which gives me a nice excuse to not obsessively drag myself up to Barnard to see Fujiya & Miyagi when I already have a ticket to their show the next day.

Check 'em out!


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