Mar 5, 2007

Wednesday night wash / Serious Fun Friday, stuff to do this week & upcoming

Last Wednesday I attempted, but failed to see Tim Fite at Union Hall. I was running late, and it was one of those rare instances where the bands were actually playing according to the when I got there around 9:15 Tim was already done playing. I stayed for a drink and some of the next guy's (Woolly Leaves I think?) acoustic set, then headed to the LES. It wasn't a total loss though...I discovered that Union Hall is pretty easy to get to, and it looks like a really fun place to hang out, with the fireplaces and all that.

The second unfortunate part of my Wednesday evening was...because I went out to see Tim, I missed seeing Inouk at the Annex. I swung by anyway though and payed the $8 cover b/c I had I had to try to salvage the evening in some way. I had listened to some of the other bands' stuff the night before and they seemed pretty decent. I arrived just before Apollo Sunshine started. First impression was that I liked them...kind of psychadelic/folksy, yet rocking. Not sure if I would be into them regularly though, need to do some further listening. The band that went on after them was called "Band of Thieves", and even though I only could stick around for 3 or 4 of their songs I really liked them. The singer vaguely reminded me of Steven Tyler in the best way possible. Seriously though...they had a really good energy about them. They were just straight up rocking...they had a very classic/Detroit rock sound. They reminded me of the sound of the Sights w/ the charisma of Steven Tyler/Aerosmith or something.

I spent Thursday working (yeah! 9 to 5!!)/recovering from Wednesday night, and then finally it was Friday. I met up with my friend Kristin to see her friend's band, Julius C, at the Bitter End...but like most venues they were running about an hour behind, so I had to leave before they went on so I could make it to Studio B in time to see Radio 4. That however didn't quite happen...

I was making excellent time...hopped on the E w/ no wait, same for the L, waited a little bit for the G, but still would have been on time, that is if I hadn't gotten on the G in the wrong direction. I swear, for some reason Brooklyn and I just don't get along. I wound up hopping in a cab, and driving around for about a half an hour b/c neither the driver nor I had a clue how to get there. Eventually we made it though.

I heard Radio 4 playing "This is Not a Test" while I waited briefly to get in. I learned later that it was only their 4th or 5th song, so it wasn't too bad. With the way Studio B is laid out I was still able to get a great view of the show too. I can't even think of what songs they played b/c I was so tense from being lost/ took me a while and a couple of beers to relax, but once I did I really enjoyed the show.

They had started playing a lot of songs off of Gotham right after I got there, then did a few more mellow songs - Ascension Street, then played some really upbeat stuff at the end. The highlight for me was As Far as the Eye Can See...which is probably my favorite song of theirs at the moment. It's up on their myspace. Starts out with a nice fat bass line, and just gets better from there.

I was able to meet everybody in the band afterwards and they really are a great bunch of guys. I had an awesome time chatting with them and meeting new people. I missed most of the Teddybears set, but it sounded pretty banging and the crowd seemed to love em. The few times I peeked out they really seemed into their performance - drastically different from what some reviews from a few months back had to say.

I went out to listen to the dj's - the Bangers that went on after them for a bit, peeked over the booth to see how they were doing what they were doing. I was pretty shocked to see they were spinning vinyl even though I keep seeing it a lot. I somehow got this idea in my head that everyone uses computers and cd turntables nowadays, but more and more I am seeing the opposite. They played some good stuff - a lot of stuff I've been hearing out lately...Daft Punk, Justice, Fedde Le Grande (Put Your Hands Up for Detroit!!!)...and then while I was at the bar...they dropped a remix of Twist and Shout...and I had a small stroke...just over a year ago I said to myself one day, when I learn how to DJ I am going to do a fucking awesome remix of Twist and Shout. While I was semi-annoyed that I had been beaten to the punch, I was intrigued and proceeded to try to talk to the Bangers about it. The one guy who I talked to wasn't the one who played it, and the one who played it was still DJ-ing. After watching for a while I headed to the bar, and about 5 minutes later I ran into the half of the Bangers who had dropped it, and while he was the one who played the remix, it was actually done by Diplo. So I will have to check that out. While I'm disappointed someone remixed it before I had the chance to, I am glad someone had the sense to do it, such a dope song to remix, and I can't imagine the shit one catches for remixing the Beatles.

Anyway...I had an awesome night despite my navigational problems. I really like Studio B. Nice sized dance floor, never waited at the bar. And also a nice crowd that just seemed to be there to have a good time and dance/hang out with their friends. Also so happy to be working with such a nice group of guys.

IMHO, good shows this week:

Friday - Professor Murder at Bowery Ballroom (opening along with Dynamite Arrows, for Matt and Kim...neither of whom I've really had a chance to check out yet, but I had such a good time seeing P-murder at Hiro a couple of months ago I couldn't resist).

Saturday - Simian M.F.-ing!!! Mobile Disco at Studio B. I saw these guys kill it at CMJ in 2002, when the whole original Simian bunch was involved, and they were awesome then. The memories of those two nights combined with their new stuff I've heard has me so excited for Saturday's show. X-wife is also playing. I haven't heard them before, but I think I read something about them recently that made me think I might like them...I might be thinking of Crystal Castles though, who were originally also on the bill, but had to cancel due to visa issues.

To tide you over until the weekend, I recommend going to Happy Ending on Wednesday. The few times I've been there I've had a great time, and now David Bruno from Slap You in Public has a 2x/month residency there.

Also, I feel it is worth mentioning that in addition to the two nights of banging that will be the Institubes and Ed Banger Records nights at Hiro this month, there are some other great acts making their way there too:

April 12 - Kaiser Chiefs after-party w/ Klaxons dj-ing

April 19 - ATOC (A Touch of Class) Records night

May 17 - GBH 9 year anniversary w/ Fedde Le Grande



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