Apr 1, 2007

I need a shot, I need a shot of ambition

Just got back from Studio B. My initial reason was to see Datarock. I don't think I have ever felt so confused and conflicted at a show before. I think the best way to go about this is to just make a list:

1. There are 4 guys that make up Datarock, not just 2 like I originally thought.
2. They all wear the red tracksuits. I loved it!
3. Way more Norwegian chest hair than I needed to see...
4. I am not sure how I felt about the actual music...most of it, I was kind of eh about...but the songs I knew...Sex Me Up, and Fa Fa Fa...I really enjoyed. They really blew the roof off the place with Fa Fa Fa...everyone was singing along. I think if you just take them as a kind of nutso poppy Norwegian band, you can really like them. They're very likable...all smiles, happy that they're up there rockin' out. They were even all smiles (except for the keyboard guy) when some people got on stage and proceeded to fuck up the keyboard guy's setup.
5. I saw this guy that was dressed just like Duckie from Pretty in Pink...short pants, suspenders, white t-shirt, hat...2 minutes after I notice this, the singer asks, has anyone seen the movie Pretty in Pink? How About 16 Candles? the Breakfast Club? Ok, so you all know Molly Ringwald? Well, we wrote a song about our love for Molly Ringwald. - this is the stuff you should expect at a Datarock show.
6. Once they were done with Fafafa I was kind of dumbfounded by the whole thing...and then they proceeded to sing and play along with "The Time of My Life"...yeah, the song from Dirty Dancing. It was just too much! I don't know if I can say I liked the show...but it was an experience.

Afterwards I felt I had to stick around and give the Presets another listen, partially b/c Datarock was kind of a letdown, partially b/c I couldn't really tell how I felt about them after Thursday.

Tonight...I was right in the front, whereas at Hiro I was over by the stairs by the bar, way in the back...dealing with a lot of drunk girls. So that might have played a factor in me enjoying their set more tonight. Also, the dude's voice sounded way less weird to me tonight, which was one of my main issues. They really pound out their songs which I appreciate...and I think I enjoyed them much more this evening, but again...still don't think they'll be something I listen to all the time. I'm glad I gave em a second chance though.


Anonymous,  3:15 PM  

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

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