Mar 24, 2007

Tim Fite at Sin-e

I mistakingly though I felt well enough (I've come down with some flu/cold thing...probably from being rundown from the 2 consecutive Boys Noize & Para One super late nights last week combined w/ St. Patrick's day hijinks) to go to the Brooklynvegan showcase at Sin-e last night. I was super tired after work, but then was feeling better, so I decided to go just for Tim Fite's set. As usual, he did not disappoint. Songs (not in order) included:

No Good Here
Away from the Snakes
Burn it Down and other interactive exercises from the gentleman with itchy legs (including a vision test!)
45 Remedies

He also did a couple of songs from the new album, Over the Counter Culture, which I really like a lot. You can download it for free here. The songs he did were It's All Right Here, which was dope, and also In Your Hair.

I was glad I went, especially since I missed the past few times Tim has played and his is consistently a good, fun show. I wish I did not feel like crap today though! I am not going out tonight, or tomorrow...or anytime before Thursday, b/c I have to be better in time for Ed Banger night on Thursday.

The other good thing about seeing Tim was hearing a bit of Slap You in Public's David Bruno dj...wish I felt up to seeing the other bands and making a night of it. Oh well...another day.


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