Mar 17, 2007

Boys Noize & Para One at Ruff Club/the Annex

Last night I braved this with about 5 hours of added snowfall to see Boys Noize and Para One yet again! I had really wanted to go to People Don't Dance No More to hear My Cousin Roy, but ya gotta pick the Frenchie and the German who won't be back for a while as opposed to the guy from the BK who you can probably see some time in the next month.

Anyway...after trying to boost the spirits of my roommate (who was having a freak out about various things) by accompanying him to a favorite gay bar, I arrived at the Annex pretty toasted, which only got worse/better depending on how you look at it, as the night went on. I do not have the set highlights like I did from the show at Hiro, but I can tell you this:

1. I met a lot of characters
2. I got down
3. Para One spun before Boys Noize and I was totally able to get into it this time, and his shit was dope!
4. Boys Noize held it down as per usual
5. I ran into Curses!/Drop the Lime before the guys started spinning and talked to him about his set at Hiro the other night. Quite a nice fellow. Gave me a flyer for Trouble & Bass.

I think I am running on about 6 hours of sleep total over the past 2 nights. With the help of my Ray Bans and St. Patrick I am attempting to do a ton of things I have been meaning to do today.


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