Mar 23, 2008

WTF is the electro triangle?!

If you've been reading this blog you have probably come across mention of "the electro triangle", "the triangle", etc.

In case you are wondering wtf I am talking about...the electro triangle is me, my friend Mike from, and my friend Paul who recently launched his blog Thump Thump on Thursday. We became friends through our shared love of electro. I've known Paul probably 2 months longer than I've known Mike. One night the three of us all wound up out seeing Guns N'Bombs at Hiro. That night "...introductions are's like a ridiculous electro-loving triangle."

Just thought I'd clarify...


Anonymous,  12:14 AM  

haha - don't forget the extended triangle. or will that just completely confuse everyone. ha ha. great post!

showtrotta 1:50 AM  

Haha. Thought about posting about the extended triangle/electro triangle remix...thought it might be too much :P

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