Mar 8, 2008

Escort at Southpaw 2/29/08

Sorry for the lack of updates. Finally getting back into the swing of things after being sick and feeling super rundown. Hadn't been to a show in 20 days which is a crazy record for me.

I broke the 20 day no-show streak by hitting Southpaw with Eddie (one of the few people I know who knows the meaning of "good disco") to see Escort. Basically the only thing I knew of Escort was their video for 'All Through the Night'.

After an extended journey to the BK due to BS-ing on the train and missing stops, and a whack cab driver we arrived at Southpaw at 11ish. This actually wound up being fine since Escort didn't go on until 12:30, allowing ample time for several games of Big Buck Hunter which is pretty messed up (but there is something fun about yelling "critter bonus!!!" haha).

Anyway...Escort were awesome. They are a live 18-piece band which really took the fire and put it under disco's ass. The sound was very bouncy and lively and good for the get-down. They played for just about an hour and ended their set with 'All Through the Night' asking where the freaks in the house were at just before doing so - the answer was everywhere because at that point the whole place was bugging out! Overall a great band and experience. You don't get to see live disco every day, so don't sleep the next time they're around.

Also I have to say how good it was to be at Southpaw for a change. Hadn't been to a show there in literally years. That place has a great vibe and is a really fun place to see a show.

Here's the setlist from that night thanks to Dave at Slap You in Public:

Turn it Back
Love in Indigo
Miss Broadway
Can't Fake the Feeling
Get on Up
Bright New Life
All Through the Night

Dave's also throwing this party next week w/ Dan & Eugene from Escort deejaying:


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