Mar 28, 2008

Cut presents the Institubes Paris Terror Club at Studio B with Para One, Surkin, Bobmo, and the Trouble&Bass dj's 3/27/08

Met Busy Paul outside the B at midnight. There was no line and the place was relatively empty. So surprising with the big guys from Institubes in the house and no other super big shows happening that night. New Yorkers and their weird dancing habits...eventually more people got on the floor once the Frenchies went on, but the B wasn't full at all. It was a nice change from the sweatbox it has been lately, but a disappointing turnout for such a talented little crew. Anyway...

Mathhead was spinning when we arrived, switched to the Captain shortly after. Both decent sets. I enjoyed the Captain's more (which probably had something to do with the fact that I was there for all of it, vs. 20 minutes of Mathhead's). At some point he dropped 'E Talking' by Soulwax (I am pretty sure it was that song, but my memory is fricken shot...I need to start taking Ginkgo) which was good to hear out. (ps - when are those Belgians coming back?!).

After the Captain, Bobmo (side note to Busy Paul - TO THE BOBMOBILE!!!) went on. At first we thought it was Surkin because he opened with a Surkin track (again, can't remember which one) and they are both little dudes, but then Shark yelled something like "give it up for Bobmo!!!" Overall I thought his set was pretty good...definitely had a bit of an old school feel which was nice, plus a hint of B-more. And then you remember that the dude is 17, so it was actually relatively amazing.

Para One was up next. There was definitely a shift...more electro/techy sounding and he was totally getting his knob twist on which was cool, but was getting a little eh by the end. It was a decent set, but wasn't really that into it for the most part. There were some parts that were very good...hearing him drop 'Dundun-Dun' was pretty amazing, and he dropped a TTC song towards the end.

Surkin closed out the night. I think his set was the best out of everyone's that night. Nothing mind-blowing, but definitely had me getting down in a way the other sets hadn't. He played some of his own stuff which was great - Hoes Get Down (which I think every dj dropped that night) and Radio Fireworks, some good French electro - Daft Punk, etc., and some old school stuff. Just a really fun danceable set. The party went until 3:30. A super quick car ride home from the B, the workings of a post about disco sirens, and a hilarious g-chat with Busy Paul left me going into today with a precious 3.5 hours of sleep! Yea-yuhh. SMD with everyone and their mother tonight should be dope.

ps - Paul was media-whore extraordinaire. Hopefully he will have some photos and videos to give you a full impression of the evening up on his blizzog soon.


Anonymous,  12:54 PM  

Yep, that was E-talking. =]

Bombo wasn't bad and Para-One set definitely had a different feel. There were a couple of bomb tracks he played that had me wondering what they were, especially the one he played second to last in his set right before the aforementioned TTC track. I took a couple of videos which I have yet to upload, though I doubt the sound quality is even good enough to bother doing so.

Surkin's set for me was blah. Like you said nothing mind blowing but with the emptiness of the club keeping the energy down I was fairly bored most of the night and Surkin didn't change that much for me. Opening his set with "Ghetto Obsession 2006" said it all. It even says it right there in the title of the track, '2006.' We're in 2008 now and nothing I heard in anybodies set this night really differed from any electro set I may have heard circa 2006, save for Para-One, maybe. =T

It's Jason btw, =]
I cut out around 3:10-3:15 but doesn't look like I missed much more with you saying things closed down at around 3:30.
Was a bit of a dissapointing night but mainly due to the lack of turnout. Where the hell was everybody!?!?..

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