Mar 29, 2008

Simian Mobile Disco, One Step Beyond at the Museum of Natural History 3/28/08

I wish I could tell you how awesome the Simian Mobile Disco show was on Friday, but I wound up standing in that know the one where everyone decides they need to pass through, so you are constantly moving out of someone's way? That is where I was.

Initially everything was cool...we were about 20 feet back, SMD was doing their thing...banging as always. And then we got shifted to the aforementioned spot and it pretty much turned into a shitty experience. Eventually we realized it wasn't going to get better so we moved to the back. At that point the show was nearly done.

As far as I know SMD didn't really change things up too much compared to the other times I've seen them. They played most of 'Attack Decay Sustain Release', their remix of 'Ladyflash' by the Go! Team, and their remix of Klaxons' 'Magick'.

My favorite part of the night was very nearly running into SMD (physically) as they walked past the guest list table (which we were just leaving) to take some photos near a big dinosaur skeleton. Chuck and I then lamented about how much we love them and how they are such awesome dudes. *sigh*

Sorry I don't really have much to say about the show given my whack experience. Luckily Mike and Paul were up front having an awesome time which they documented rather thoroughly (according to a text message I received mid-show about their "media whoring", lol). I will direct you to what will undoubtedly be more accurate reviews of the awesomeness that is a live Simian Mobile Disco show as soon as they post them.


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