Mar 9, 2008

DFA Dance Party at the Moma 3/1/08

Went to the DFA dance party at the Moma last Saturday not really knowing what to expect. It was thrown in conjunction with the exhibition Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be kind of weak. How banging could things get in an art museum? I instantly knew I was wrong when I walked into the Moma. The music was loud and pounding which was surprising - I expected things to be a little more on the mellow disco side.

Walked around a bit. The open bar was great until the lines started getting ridiculous, at which point of course some of the best jams were dropped (Cut Copy's 'Lights and Music' and 'Blind' by Hercules and Love Affair).

Even though the music was great the party overall was kinda weird. You could definitely tell who was there for the art and who was there to get down. The floor was packed, but there was an equal number of people (if not more) just schmoozing. It wound up being fine once I got over being weirded out by the people just hanging out.

The whole color theme of the evening wound up being pretty awesome. I didn't actually look at the exhibit, but the museum had a bunch of color-related elements worked into the event like these big light panels next to the dj booth, rainbow stripes covering the steps, and (probably the coolest thing) pretty much the entire mezzanine level covered in twister mats. There are a few camera phone pics of those things below. The Fader did a little write up about the event and people's outfits (bright colors were encouraged in Moma's description of the event). You can see the rainbow steps in one of them.


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